We Want So Much For Our Children

First of all, we wish them health, we wish them safety.

We wish them happiness, and to never forget their original curiosity and sense of adventure. We wish them abundance, many fortuitous opportunities. We wish them confidence to pursue their passions and dreams. We wish them creativity and resilience to cope with challenges in life.

We wish them to always have good caring friends, to come across kind, generous and inspiring teachers along the way. We want them to feel supported, to know where to turn when they need some help. To always know that it is natural and healthy to seek the right help for them in any situation.

We want them to know that asking for help does not mean giving their power away to someone else, rather asking for a different person’s perspective to show them a “blind spot”, and continue from there.

We wish them to always remember their inner knowing to guide them and recall upon it . We wish for them to feel empowered, and know they have a positive effect in this world.

We want them to be loved. We want them to love themselves. Really, unconditionally know that they are wonderful and great.

Oh…it makes me feel good to wish all of these wonderful things.

The important question to ask, is how we can help all this come about. How all these wishes can manifest in our children’s lives. How will this baseline become their living reality?

First thing is actually believing ourselves as we make these wishes. I mean, being honest with myself, and noticing if I am asking for health, but really, am dreading disease. Children pick up on these clashes really easily. Because that’s just the way things work. It’s what we actually believe that is our reality, not what we say.

Words don’t teach. Only living examples teach.

What if you were to turn all these wishes around and point them at yourself? How does it feel?

How can we reconnect to this abundance we wish for them, so that we are living examples? And even if there was no offspring involved, wouldn’t  it feel good to just be all these things? Just because we know that it would be a pleasure to roam around the world like this?

Take out something to make notes on.

Let’s start with health. Oh, but being happy leads to health and maintains health. So, let’s start with happy! What makes you happy?

Make a list of 10 things, big or very simple or “small”.

What has been easy in your life?

What has worked out well for you in life? What great opportunities have you taken on?

What is the next interesting venture you would like to take on?

What do you find interesting right now?

Who do you like to be with? Who would you like to spend more time with?

Which people were/ are notable teachers in your life? Whose help do you appreciate in your life? What was it there that helped you?

When in life did you have a great impulse to do something, and just went ahead and did it?

What do you like about yourself? Dare I ask… what do you love about yourself?

What does health feel like to you? What does it look like? What does health mean to you?

Go back to your first ten things you started with, what makes you happy? Make sure to do at least one today. Keep this list close to you, where you may look at it often. This is your own personal, spectacular list of resources. If we wish to be resorced in life, we need to stay in touch with our resources.

Turning these lists into second nature for us, making the actions on the list accessible, creates a stream of uplifting and positive thoughts. This keeps our vibration high, and it makes it easy to believe what we wish for our loved ones. Why? Because we are feeling it ourselves.

When we are in a happy, supportive, creative, easy, confidant and loving mood, this is what we emanate to who ever we come in contact with. Kids are great receptors of what is actually going on with our vibration. And it’s impossible for us to constantly feel happy and shiny and bright. And they let us know when we are not (in case we weren’t on to it ourselves).

This is where knowing our resources and resourcing comes in very handy. Being more resources and knowing simple ways of resourcing ourselfs help for easier rebounds from icky sticky moods. Getting good at focusing on feeling good turns us into who we know we originally are, and who we wish to be for ourselves and for others.

We want so much for our children. The best way to make these wishes come true is to want the same for ourselves, pursue these aspects of life and be a living example of ever growing happiness.

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