My name is Hila

It may sound stupid I didn’t anticipate this before, but only after the overwhelm of starting to raise my daughter I realized a whole new amount of time freedom I need in order to be the mom I wanted to be and earn the money we need and want. And stay sane. No, more than sane. I wanted to feel fulfilled and happy in all fields of my life.

I have been trading time for money in all my jobs. I knew of no other way for me. Until I came across an add, that for the first time ever I did not want to skip. A sweet sincere

couple was saying that they are following their bliss and created a profitable online business that they love. I was really drawn to hear what they were talking about. I went through a free video training, some life-changing decisions, and here I am. (Now this sweet couple are my friends and mentors).

From the moment I decided to take myself on and build an online business that can give me the freedom I want and share this opportunity with others, my life has transformed. I wake up enthusiastic in the morning to do something I enjoy, knowing it is yielding me the time freedom I’ve always wanted. 

Joining the Six Figure Mentor Program I found an outstanding community that provides the support I was lacking as an entrepreneur. I am learning new skills every day, with flying colors thanks to the amazing step by step training provided and efficient and friendly technical support team. I never feel alone when I’m working. I see now how I can leverage the knowledge I am acquiring and apply it to any business endeavor with great success.

I am now working towards producing an income with which I can help my husband retire his 9-5 (or let’s be honest…8-6:30) job that he has been graciously doing, but would really prefer being somewhere else most of the time… We want to be together more and travel a lot more.  I know this is possible, because of so many others in the SFM community that have inspired me by their achievements, and I know this is something I want and can do.

We all deserve to spend our precious time with our loved ones. We all deserve to follow our passions without stress or guilt of not making enough money. We all deserve the life of our choice. I am very happy and feel privileged to let you know about  SFM, and would love to see you grow and succeed.  

Hila Kay