My Story

After giving birth, I reached levels of exhaustion, confusion, and love I never knew before. A few months went by in the blink of an eye and I started feeling guilty, not wanting to go back to work, even though I couldn’t afford to. Not for long… I couldn’t imagine spending long days away from this precious little one doing something less satisfying. I also really wanted ME time to reconnect with my interests and passions, but how? And then I found this…

an organization promoting true all-encompassing wealth for people all over the world utilizing the vast opportunities the digital world provides. I knew from the beginning this was a program for me since its core value is providing people skills for true sustainable freedom in life and personal growth.

I have received great value every day from the outstanding positive thinking, supportive community, and from the professional step by step training. These have led me into taking positive and rewarding action toward attaining my goals.

This isn’t a get rich quick formula. It’s a well thought out training designed for anyone who is willing to take themselves on for a true adventure of what it means to find true happiness and freedom as entrepreneurs.   I have the support to work through challenges, grow, and move on to more.  

I’d love to meet you on the other side thriving.

Ghost town parks

How can we accomplish more freedom in life so we have more choice where we spend our time and when?

Have you ever skipped work, taken a day off and encounter unoccupied public spaces? Have you wondered why so few walk in the parks at 10am, playgrounds empty, grocery stores with more staff than clients? What is defining our work hours, family time, exercise time, vacation time, when and how and if we can retire…? Have you subscribed to the compartmentalized, life style you are living?

Jogging in the mornings I see unoccupied spaces which will be filled once the kids are out of school. In the day time, in big cities, I see people in liminal stages of life in parks. People that are for some reason or another “thrown out” of the 9-5 template. I have seen immigrants sitting on benches, I’ve seen moms going for walks with their babies on maternity leave and and occasionally seniors. 

Something that feels outside of our choice/control has chosen our recreation time at parks, on board walks, when we sleep, vacation etc. Our retirement age is at the hands of others, but we want freedom now. We want balance now. Most people have such a stressful routine, that vacation barley cuts it, and often catch a cold or something of the sorts when it’s finally time to relax on vacation…

There are many different reasons people experience stress in life and specifically in their jobs.  I know that some of the major stress components for me when I was an employee was feeling under resourced and in result feeling burnt out from the work load. Being my own employer, I find I am more in tune with my resourcing needs as an employee. Such as time management and resourcing activities built in my routine. 

Here is a report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) with some staggering findings about the stress millions of people feel in their work environment. While it is important to acknowledged this work/life imbalance, it is important further still to start moving in the direction of wanted change…

What if you could go for a jog whenever you have the impulse to do so (if that’s your thing…)? What if you could travel to a different country without giving your boss a notice? What if you could spend a random day with your kid when you wanted to?

I am an enrapture, working on my own terms. I am now the mom who bashfully occupies the neighborhood playground to exercise in the morning, feeling like a trespasser. I am grateful for my newly found freedom, and at the same time noticing how out side of the norm my lifestyle is.

Empty Parks…

Getting into alignment may sometimes look out of line. I’m learning ways to discard that that concern pattern of mine of being out of the norm. Life is to be lived, parks are to enjoy, play grounds are standing there open to be played in all day, ready at our beckon call.

With time freedom, you could go to the grocery store at 9am on a Monday if you like, or go for a swim. I am growing into my freedom. I am learning to own it. I am realizing I have the freedom to make my own choices in fields of life in which most around me feel trapped in. The feeling of freedom, even in the most simple activity can give such joy…

Just another quiet monday…

In most of my jobs in life I have felt torn, wanting to be somewhere else, strained and stressed. A voice in me grew stronger and stronger that there has got to be another way to do all this. That work/life balance can look and feel totally different. And since becoming a parent this voice in me had become clearer.

A lot of us go through life feeling like we have our back to the wall, and that there is no other choice of making a living but to sacrifice the time we want to be somewhere else/ do something else or be able to have it all. This is reflected in our absence in most public spaces during the day.

What if you could work from your laptop by the beach or on a lake? Breath in the fresh air and enjoy open spaces on a week day instead of compartmentalizing theses places to weekends purely for recreation? What if you could choose your ideal work environment and manage your time more efficiently? Be where you want to be on your terms.

I want to really live who I want to be as a parent, work my business on my own terms, and be present in my relationships. I want not to be over worked and over stressed to enjoy the people and values I hold dear. When I came across this 4 day online workshop that introduced me to some of the ways people are creating online businesses they love, on the side and moving into lives that are created by choice, I knew this was my next step.

What would your Monday morning look like if it were up to you?

The Space We Give Our Self’s To Grow

This post is about the importance of setting our self up for the success we want. If we don’t, we are probably setting our self up for more of the same, leading to discouragement, and often retreat to much less than we desire, wrongfully thinking we don’t have what it takes or that out side circumstances will not allow us what we want.

In a woman’s entrepreneur’s conference last year, there was something that the key- note speaker Smadar Oren said that hit the jackpot for me.

She asked us how much we believe in ourselves. How much we believe in the benefits of the service we have to offer. How much time, money and space are we willing to invest in our dreams? In our business.

She observed the difference between men and women in most household she knew. She noticed that every time the man initiated becoming an entrepreneur, there were bank loans involved in gaining capital for building the business, interior decorators converting a room in the house to an office, or adding on an office to the house etc. Big commitments. Big spaces, and deep foundations for the vision to become a reality.

On the other hand, she observed that all the woman she knew started their business on their laptop from their kitchen counter, between carpools and swimming lesson drop offs and pickups. Starting low budget and making bigger investments once or if the business started yielding some cash flow.

In the Forbes article ‘Are Women Entrepreneurs Catching Up? It’s Complicated. ‘ Kara Stiles researches the heartening growth and success rates of woman enraptures, and points at some of the challenges involved setting up.

I couldn’t help but nodding to myself with agreement about the way I started my business, and frankly, the way most of my girlfriend enraptures have as well. It is not a proud moment for me to admit how much this common scenario resonated with me.

I think of the years of feminist upbringing and how my mom would be surprised that I feel this way. I found myself feeling limited in my belief of myself, not in my profession or the belief that other woman can do great… just me… not knowing how to step up to the plate and owning what I want. Turning my passion into a profitable business… 

On one hand, I said I want to be my own boss, work on my terms, in a profession that I adore, but I was being skimpy on the venues I rented to work in. Always thinking first that it would probably be better to save the rent for an office and just figure out a way to set up my clinic in the living room…

While that can work well for some, these thoughts I had, were coming from a mindset of lack, self doubt and scarcity. In the name of being practical and not walking into shoes that were too big, too soon, I was actually limiting myself, shrinking instead of dreaming and growing.

That day after the conference, I contacted the owners of two beautiful clinics I visited while I was searching for a place to start. I could immediately feel how nice it would be to receive clients there, but at the time, I thought they were too big of a commitment for me, so I put them somewhere on the back burner for some other time.

I love the feeling of perfect timing. All of the components were set up, it was just up to me to choose them. Once I asked for what I wanted, both clinic owners confirmed the times and shifts I asked for and I just started to grow into them. It feels so good to level up to the standard we really want to live. It feels so good to experience motion forward.

After my business picked up as a therapist, I realized I need more resources on how to grow my business and came across a 4 day on demand workshop that led me into a whole other level of being an entrepreneur.

I have started a new business from my laptop, along side by initial business, but I am not working on fumes like I felt I was before. I am applying the tools and resources I need to grow both businesses and… the lifestyle of my choice.

When I ask about the space we allow our self’s to grow, I do mean to ask physically, what we want, what would be the ideal environment for us, but it all starts with reconnecting with the knowing we can have it.

We are all nourished from remembering we are here to grow, and even the ideal circumstances of tomorrow, will produce more fine tuning and growth to match up with your inner forces of creation. The space we have to grow into is limitless and exciting. All we need to do is put one foot in front of the next.

What is your next leveling up? What next step will bring you closer to feeling fulfillment? Is it a place? Money? Mind set? Community? Check these 4 free videos if you want inspiration. Reach out, let me know what you are dealing with.

We Wish So Much For Our Children

This post is about helping fulfill our hopes and wishes for our children by being real living examples of how life can be lived. It’s about redirecting our hopes and wishes for them back at our self’s and living a life rich with qualities we hold dear, in the now. No need to feel deprivation now in the name of a bigger more urgent cause.

Some I came up with are: We wish for our children to…

  • Be healthy, Be safe.
  • Be happy!
  • Always remember their original curiosity, bewilderment and sense of adventure.
  • Experience abundance. Many fortuitous opportunities.
  • Have confidence to pursue their passions and dreams.
  • Be creative and resilient to cope with challenges in life.
  • Have good caring friends, and that they come across kind, generous and inspiring teachers along the way.
  • Feel supported- to know where to turn when they need some help. Always know that it is natural and healthy to seek the right help for them in any situation. We want them to know that asking for help does not mean giving their power away to someone else, rather asking for a different person’s perspective to show them a “blind spot”, and continue from there.
  • Always remember their inner knowing to guide them and call upon it .
  • Feel empowered, and know they have a positive effect in this world.
  • Be loved. We want them to love themselves. Really, unconditionally know that they are wonderful and great.
Making wishes

How will this baseline become their living reality?
How we can help all this come about?

First thing is actually believing ourselves as we make these wishes. I mean, being honest with myself, and noticing if I am asking for health, but really, am dreading disease. It’s what we actually believe that is our reality, not what we say. Because children are so open and receptive, they pick up on these clashes really easily.

Words don’t teach. Only living examples teach.

As Shai Orr very accurately writes in his book Miraculous Parenting – a handmaid does not raise a princess. It is nearly impossible for one who believes she is unworthy of attention (a handmaid) to raise a child who will feel worthy and confidant on a throne. It is hard for a child to receive from us what we deprive our self’s from.

What if you were to turn all these wishes around and point them at yourself? How does it feel?

How can we reconnect to this abundance we wish for them, so that we are living examples? And even if there was no offspring involved, wouldn’t  it feel good to just be all these things? Just because we know that it would be a pleasure to roam around the world like this?

Call to action- Get something to write with

Take out something to make notes on.

Let’s start with health. Oh, but being happy leads to health and maintains health. So, let’s start with happy!

  1. What makes you happy? Make a list of 10 things, big or very simple or “small”.
  2. What has been easy in your life?
  3. What has worked out well for you in life? What great opportunities have you taken on?
  4. What is the next interesting venture you would like to take on?
  5. What do you find interesting right now?
  6. Who do you like to be with? Who would you like to spend more time with?
  7. Which people were/ are notable teachers in your life? Whose help do you appreciate in your life? What was it there that helped you?
  8. When in life did you have a great impulse to do something, and just went ahead and did it?
  9. What do you like about yourself? Dare I ask… what do you love about yourself?
  10. What does health feel like to you? What does it look like? What does health mean to you?

Go back to your first ten things you started with, what makes you happy? Make sure to do at least one today. Keep this list close to you, where you may look at it often. This is your own personal, spectacular list of resources. If we wish to be resourced in life, we need to stay in touch with our resources…

Make wishes come true

Turning these lists into second nature for us, making the actions on the list accessible, creates a stream of uplifting and positive thoughts. This keeps our vibration high, and it makes it easy to believe what we wish for our loved ones. Why? Because we are feeling it ourselves.

When we are in a happy, supportive, creative, easy, confidant and loving mood, this is what we emanate to those around us.

Kids are great receptors of what is actually going on with our vibration. And it’s impossible for us to constantly feel happy and shiny and bright. And they let us know when we are not (in case we weren’t on to it ourselves). That’s totally humanly natural, the relief is, that now when we don’t feel so great, or are anxious, we don’t have to try to pretend we’re perfectly fine.

This is where knowing our resources and resourcing comes in very handy. Being more resources and knowing simple ways of getting back to a good feeling place help for easier rebounds from icky sticky moods. Getting good at focusing on feeling good turns us into who we know we originally are, and who we wish to be for ourselves and with others.

We want so much for our children. The best way to make these wishes come true is to want the same for ourselves, permit our self, reconnect with our worthiness. We can chose to be living examples of what we truly want to live. This healing runs deep and resonates to those around us.

What is your heart felt wish for yourself?

Me Time

No matter what Mom you are, what dad you are, what responsibilities you have, how you divide your time between work and at home time, we all need me time.

Why? To stay resorced and sane…

How is this possible? Some may say It’s cramped, it’s really hard to make it happen, there are so many things to be done, and so much to prioritize!

Most of us have the belief that being a mom means sacrificing a lot. Many of us think that it’s just the way it is when you have young kids. And that raising kids has to be hard. It’s a stretch, that’s for sure! It’s a big learning curve, but it pains me to hear friends saying they’re just waiting for their kids to grow up so that it will get easier or that they will be more free of them.

Can you imagine a life where you have it all? Where you are peaceful and happy to actually be with your kids and I mean be there for what they need at each developmental stage their in, and feel fulfilled in other fields of your life as well?

I knew I wanted a job I enjoy and is fulfilling and profitable that does not gobble up so much of my precious time. I know I want a life where it is easy to give myself a few hours every day on top of that to exercise or do whatever I like to do alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask this for yourself. Or imagine any specific version of the life you want.

You are worthy, and you know you are a better mom and a better everything in life when you respect your needs and act upon your calling to focus yourself and take care of yourself. This is also the example you want to set for your kids.

I know that in our culture, most of us are stretched for time/ money, even if you live a modest lifestyle. It takes some courage and thinking outside of the box to seek and actually find resources that can create an influence and change toward your desired life.

I’m happy to say that learning digital skills is a vast spectrum of opportunity to create a new lifestyle. Check this out to get information on how to take action toward the life of your choice. Digital lifestyle starts here.