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How can we accomplish more freedom in life so we have more choice where we spend our time and when?

Have you ever skipped work, taken a day off and encounter unoccupied public spaces? Have you wondered why so few walk in the parks at 10am, playgrounds empty, grocery stores with more staff than clients? What is defining our work hours, family time, exercise time, vacation time, when and how and if we can retire…? Have you subscribed to the compartmentalized, life style you are living?

Jogging in the mornings I see unoccupied spaces which will be filled once the kids are out of school. In the day time, in big cities, I see people in liminal stages of life in parks. People that are for some reason or another “thrown out” of the 9-5 template. I have seen immigrants sitting on benches, I’ve seen moms going for walks with their babies on maternity leave and and occasionally seniors. 

Something that feels outside of our choice/control has chosen our recreation time at parks, on board walks, when we sleep, vacation etc. Our retirement age is at the hands of others, but we want freedom now. We want balance now. Most people have such a stressful routine, that vacation barley cuts it, and often catch a cold or something of the sorts when it’s finally time to relax on vacation…

There are many different reasons people experience stress in life and specifically in their jobs.  I know that some of the major stress components for me when I was an employee was feeling under resourced and in result feeling burnt out from the work load. Being my own employer, I find I am more in tune with my resourcing needs as an employee. Such as time management and resourcing activities built in my routine. 

Here is a report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) with some staggering findings about the stress millions of people feel in their work environment. While it is important to acknowledged this work/life imbalance, it is important further still to start moving in the direction of wanted change…

What if you could go for a jog whenever you have the impulse to do so (if that’s your thing…)? What if you could travel to a different country without giving your boss a notice? What if you could spend a random day with your kid when you wanted to?

I am an enrapture, working on my own terms. I am now the mom who bashfully occupies the neighborhood playground to exercise in the morning, feeling like a trespasser. I am grateful for my newly found freedom, and at the same time noticing how out side of the norm my lifestyle is.

Empty Parks…

Getting into alignment may sometimes look out of line. I’m learning ways to discard that that concern pattern of mine of being out of the norm. Life is to be lived, parks are to enjoy, play grounds are standing there open to be played in all day, ready at our beckon call.

With time freedom, you could go to the grocery store at 9am on a Monday if you like, or go for a swim. I am growing into my freedom. I am learning to own it. I am realizing I have the freedom to make my own choices in fields of life in which most around me feel trapped in. The feeling of freedom, even in the most simple activity can give such joy…

Just another quiet monday…

In most of my jobs in life I have felt torn, wanting to be somewhere else, strained and stressed. A voice in me grew stronger and stronger that there has got to be another way to do all this. That work/life balance can look and feel totally different. And since becoming a parent this voice in me had become clearer.

A lot of us go through life feeling like we have our back to the wall, and that there is no other choice of making a living but to sacrifice the time we want to be somewhere else/ do something else or be able to have it all. This is reflected in our absence in most public spaces during the day.

What if you could work from your laptop by the beach or on a lake? Breath in the fresh air and enjoy open spaces on a week day instead of compartmentalizing theses places to weekends purely for recreation? What if you could choose your ideal work environment and manage your time more efficiently? Be where you want to be on your terms.

I want to really live who I want to be as a parent, work my business on my own terms, and be present in my relationships. I want not to be over worked and over stressed to enjoy the people and values I hold dear. When I came across this 4 day online workshop that introduced me to some of the ways people are creating online businesses they love, on the side and moving into lives that are created by choice, I knew this was my next step.

What would your Monday morning look like if it were up to you?

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