Me Time

No matter what Mom you are, what dad you are, what responsibilities you have, how you divide your time between work and at home time, we all need me time.

Why? To stay resorced and sane…

How is this possible? Some may say It’s cramped, it’s really hard to make it happen, there are so many things to be done, and so much to prioritize!

Most of us have the belief that being a mom means sacrificing a lot. Many of us think that it’s just the way it is when you have young kids. And that raising kids has to be hard. It’s a stretch, that’s for sure! It’s a big learning curve, but it pains me to hear friends saying they’re just waiting for their kids to grow up so that it will get easier or that they will be more free of them.

Can you imagine a life where you have it all? Where you are peaceful and happy to actually be with your kids and I mean be there for what they need at each developmental stage their in, and feel fulfilled in other fields of your life as well?

I knew I wanted a job I enjoy and is fulfilling and profitable that does not gobble up so much of my precious time. I know I want a life where it is easy to give myself a few hours every day on top of that to exercise or do whatever I like to do alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask this for yourself. Or imagine any specific version of the life you want.

You are worthy, and you know you are a better mom and a better everything in life when you respect your needs and act upon your calling to focus yourself and take care of yourself. This is also the example you want to set for your kids.

I know that in our culture, most of us are stretched for time/ money, even if you live a modest lifestyle. It takes some courage and thinking outside of the box to seek and actually find resources that can create an influence and change toward your desired life.

I’m happy to say that learning digital skills is a vast spectrum of opportunity to create a new lifestyle. Check this out to get information on how to take action toward the life of your choice. Digital lifestyle starts here.

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