The Space We Give Our Self’s To Grow

This post is about the importance of setting our self up for the success we want. If we don’t, we are probably setting our self up for more of the same, leading to discouragement, and often retreat to much less than we desire, wrongfully thinking we don’t have what it takes or that out side circumstances will not allow us what we want.

In a woman’s entrepreneur’s conference last year, there was something that the key- note speaker Smadar Oren said that hit the jackpot for me.

She asked us how much we believe in ourselves. How much we believe in the benefits of the service we have to offer. How much time, money and space are we willing to invest in our dreams? In our business.

She observed the difference between men and women in most household she knew. She noticed that every time the man initiated becoming an entrepreneur, there were bank loans involved in gaining capital for building the business, interior decorators converting a room in the house to an office, or adding on an office to the house etc. Big commitments. Big spaces, and deep foundations for the vision to become a reality.

On the other hand, she observed that all the woman she knew started their business on their laptop from their kitchen counter, between carpools and swimming lesson drop offs and pickups. Starting low budget and making bigger investments once or if the business started yielding some cash flow.

In the Forbes article ‘Are Women Entrepreneurs Catching Up? It’s Complicated. ‘ Kara Stiles researches the heartening growth and success rates of woman enraptures, and points at some of the challenges involved setting up.

I couldn’t help but nodding to myself with agreement about the way I started my business, and frankly, the way most of my girlfriend enraptures have as well. It is not a proud moment for me to admit how much this common scenario resonated with me.

I think of the years of feminist upbringing and how my mom would be surprised that I feel this way. I found myself feeling limited in my belief of myself, not in my profession or the belief that other woman can do great… just me… not knowing how to step up to the plate and owning what I want. Turning my passion into a profitable business… 

On one hand, I said I want to be my own boss, work on my terms, in a profession that I adore, but I was being skimpy on the venues I rented to work in. Always thinking first that it would probably be better to save the rent for an office and just figure out a way to set up my clinic in the living room…

While that can work well for some, these thoughts I had, were coming from a mindset of lack, self doubt and scarcity. In the name of being practical and not walking into shoes that were too big, too soon, I was actually limiting myself, shrinking instead of dreaming and growing.

That day after the conference, I contacted the owners of two beautiful clinics I visited while I was searching for a place to start. I could immediately feel how nice it would be to receive clients there, but at the time, I thought they were too big of a commitment for me, so I put them somewhere on the back burner for some other time.

I love the feeling of perfect timing. All of the components were set up, it was just up to me to choose them. Once I asked for what I wanted, both clinic owners confirmed the times and shifts I asked for and I just started to grow into them. It feels so good to level up to the standard we really want to live. It feels so good to experience motion forward.

After my business picked up as a therapist, I realized I need more resources on how to grow my business and came across a 4 day on demand workshop that led me into a whole other level of being an entrepreneur.

I have started a new business from my laptop, along side by initial business, but I am not working on fumes like I felt I was before. I am applying the tools and resources I need to grow both businesses and… the lifestyle of my choice.

When I ask about the space we allow our self’s to grow, I do mean to ask physically, what we want, what would be the ideal environment for us, but it all starts with reconnecting with the knowing we can have it.

We are all nourished from remembering we are here to grow, and even the ideal circumstances of tomorrow, will produce more fine tuning and growth to match up with your inner forces of creation. The space we have to grow into is limitless and exciting. All we need to do is put one foot in front of the next.

What is your next leveling up? What next step will bring you closer to feeling fulfillment? Is it a place? Money? Mind set? Community? Check these 4 free videos if you want inspiration. Reach out, let me know what you are dealing with.

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